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The question of the existence of life after death has always worried people. Is there no afterlife, as well as an immortal soul? To believe in this not particularly want. But how to find proof? In this episode they search for does Caroline Tyler.nnThe main character is a woman with a difficult fate. In life it was a long tough tests. She is an excellent surgeon and every day is engaged in rescue of the patients. But, of course, she is not the Lord God, and not all patients she manages to help. The death of every operated person is a tragedy for this woman. In the past she had the opportunity to experience clinical death. She clearly remembers the tunnel going towards the white light. But wasn't it just a vision?nnOne day, Tyler is approached by a billionaire named Ivan Turing. A man is sick with cancer and for all his money will not be able to bargain for a delay in death. It is very important for him to know what awaits him after this path will be passed to the end. Caroline agrees to take up the search for evidence for him the existence of the afterlife. She also has personal motives to start such research. Caroline's son died as a teenager.

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