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For a long time, Director Ridley Scott did not shoot fantastic action movies with elements of horror. And now, more than thirty years after his two most famous and acclaimed films, the Director decided to please the audience with a new, decent work. Action fantasy Thriller " Prometheus takes place at the end of the XXI century. Throughout its history, mankind has been exploring all corners of the Earth, discovered many interesting archaeological finds that help to understand the past. A group of scientists is engaged in the study of several rock paintings that have been found in different civilizations, developing at different times independently of each other. nnThese identical drawings carry the encrypted coordinates of a distant star system. To find the answer to the eternal question: Where did we come from?, some private Corporation sends to the mysterious planet scientific spacecraft Prometheus. However, what a group of scientists will find will not be an answer, but rather a farewell message to all mankind. Ahead of scientists waiting for a fierce battle for their home planet otherwise they simply have nowhere to go back.

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