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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
A simple guy accused of a crime he did not commit. Lincoln is believed to be involved in the murder of the Vice President's brother. The young man was quickly sentenced to death, without even going into the details of the case. His brother Mike can not come to terms with what is happening and comes up with his own plan to save a loved one. The guy's faking the robbery he's accused of. The former engineer is sent to the same prison as Lincoln. However, only a few know that the building was designed by our hero, and he is well aware of all the loopholes that will help him get out. While still at large, the guy made a tattoo, which depicts a detailed plan of the prison. It remains a small matter, but the risks are too great, because at stake are the lives of our heroes.while the brothers are trying to solve their problems, their friend Veronica is trying to prove their innocence. The girl is a great lawyer and she does everything possible to prove the innocence of the convicts to the crime. Soon she has new information, but then there are new problems, because of which the plan can break at any time. Happy browsing!