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  • Comedy
Aurora, a beautiful 20-year-old girl who falls in love with dancer Lorenzo at first sight. After learning about her daughter's pregnancy, her parents interfere with the relationship with a young man who is sure that Aurora betrayed him, and not knowing about the existence of the child, he breaks up with her affair. A few months after the birth of his daughter, Aurora learns about his terrible disease, from which no cure was found. Her father, a well-known doctor who managed to become famous thanks to advanced research in the field of cryogenics, decides to apply the technology to his own daughter. After clinical death, through a complex process, he manages to freeze his daughter, hoping one day to find a way to cure and not lose her forever. Aurora spends a long 20 years in a cryogenic capsule, after which she resuscitates and she wakes up from a long sleep. Aurora, which is now 40 years old, looks the same as at the time of freezing. For her, it was literally "yesterday," and she doesn't know what really happened in all that time. Everything's changed, the only thing that's left is her. Her best friend Natalia, now married to the love of her life as well, her daughter Blanca, who is unaware of her existence, physically looks like her mother. Martin is a living reflection of his father, whom Aurora remembered. Her love opened the door twice, but is it possible to start a new life and to forget past loves, with a love from the present?

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