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Original Title: Pretty Little Liars
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Channel: ABC Family,Freeform
Creators: I. Marlene King
Language: English
Description: Four ordinary girls go to school, go on dates with cute boys and just have a good time. Everything changes at one point, when one of them mysteriously disappears. Alison disappeared right in the middle of a fun party. After some time, they found the dead body of a poor girl. The investigation had no leads on which to find the killer. Girls barely survived the death of best friend, but soon began the most terrible. They begin to receive strange messages signed with one letter "e". The messages tell the most terrible secrets of our heroines, as well as people they know well. Private investigation has helped to identify the real addressee, and beauty start to think that message really sends dead friend from the dead.everyone has little secrets that no one should know about. It can be a love affair with a teacher or other terrible secret that can destroy the reputation of its owner. The mysterious addressee slowly begins to destroy the lives of our heroines, sending them letters, which reveals their most terrible secrets. Girls can not accept this so easily, trying to get to the truth and find a mysterious destination. However, all attempts to find a solution to this rebus are still in vain. Schoolgirls do not even suggest that the solution all this time was under their noses.

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