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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
TV series pretty little liars season 7 talks about the company of young, pretty girls. She is an old friend, used to share with each other the secret secrets, dreams and problems. In appearance, they are quite modest, charming and well-mannered lady, each of which can be safely cited as an example of decency and piety. However, an unpleasant story happened to them. One of the friends suddenly disappears. Alison did not warn anyone of his departure, and therefore after some time, the girls are seriously concerned about the lack of girlfriends. after contacting the police begin its active search. However, they brought the expected positive results. It is not known in which direction one of the friends disappeared. Anyway whether she is alive or was the victim of some serial killer, random killer. Even more heated is the situation when each of the friends begins to receive some strange messages from a stranger called "A". He reveals the most unexpected secrets of the girls, which were dedicated only to themselves, and many of them can even compromise them. The same stranger reports that he knows the whereabouts of their friend Alison.