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What forces rule our world? People have been wondering about this since the beginning of time. In the future, which is shown in the series "Powers", the inhabitants of the Earth no longer have to ask this question. They see every day that their fate is not in the hands of politicians, financial magnates, or leaders of transnational corporations. Their fate is in the competence of people with supernatural abilities.nnWhen some people got their powers, do not dream of ordinary man in the street, they imagined themselves to be gods. As a result, between them the war for superiority was developed. These demigods no longer pay attention to human laws. They fight our battles in peaceful cities without having to worry how many victims will be at the bottom, among ordinary people due to the effects of their "arrows". And only detective Christian Walker can resist this powerful lawlessness. He investigates crimes that involve the gods of the earth. And no matter what supernatural forces oppose him, he will go to the end.nnSuperhero series "Forces" in the past few years was developed by the American channel FX, but in the end did not even reach the removal of the pilot. It moved, when it took over the Sony Playstation. Thus, this game service has joined the global online seller of everything and Amazon in the practice of not profiled classes filming TV series.

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