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The plot of the new Comedy series "Powerless" takes place in a parallel world, quite unlike ours. There you will not find a crowd of fans of Superman or spider-Man, because such a thing as" superheroes " does not exist. There, all people have unusual abilities, which they are endowed at birth. Each person has one of the many incredible forces with which they then have to live all the remaining years. Of course, people find a way to find their power of application, looking for a job where it would be useful.However in this world there are also those who have no abilities. They are called "Powerless" and they are very rare. Only a few dozen people around the world do not have any abilities, they are a rare species. That is why they are carefully looked after, protected as rare animals in nature reserves. Series Powerless 1 season all series in a row to watch online for free in good quality.

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