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Original Title: Power Rangers
Channel: ABC,Nickelodeon,FOX,ABC Family,Toon Disney
Creators: Haim Saban,Shuki Levy
Language: English
Description: This bright, action-Packed action is another adaptation of the famous franchise of superhero Rangers. In the center of the exciting events of the incident, suddenly fell on the head of five ordinary high school students from an ordinary small town called angel grove. One day, without suspecting anything, a group of friends accidentally discovers something in their quiet city that strongly resembles a real spaceship from cult comics and science fiction films. The way it is! Getting closer to understand, with interesting teenagers is something strange... And the next day after a strange incident, all five of us are endowed with superstates! Naturally, teenagers at the same time please and frighten such changes, and, not knowing what to do with these abilities now, they decide to return to the mysterious ship to try to get rid of superpowers. However, at the last moment the guys learn that over our planet hangs a very serious trouble that threatens the existence of all life on Earth. Then friends decide that incredible abilities are given to them for a reason. The guys decide to learn how to deal with this gift, get used to work in a team and save the planet from a terrible fate...

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