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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
The main character of the series Power in the night city season 3 becomes a young boy, known to many by the nickname Ghost. He managed to become the owner of a large, night club. Soon, thanks to his cunning, quirky character guy quite rapidly rises from almost the bottom to the highest feet of the criminal sphere. However, soon he has a desire to make his own business legal. That's just to enter now in the elite strata of society and take a worthy place there, will require the applicant not only the presence of enormous funds.this requires a tough character, and a head on his shoulders. And the Ghost was lucky. He has both. He perfectly understands that possessing all necessary qualities it is possible to achieve great goals, and, most importantly, to achieve unquestioning power. To her he and strive for. He quickly develops his own plan for further action, thanks to the introduction of which he tries to prove to criminal authorities that he is worth a lot. Ghost grabs for any business that can give him a huge jackpot. And soon he realizes that the only way to get the maximum income is to engage in drug trafficking.

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