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  • Drama
The fate of transsexual artists is ambiguous, for outsiders they are heliports and only a certain type of people like such Litsedei. Actors are always in public and do not hesitate of their orientation, the picture Perhaps the souls suffer invisibly and sadness is a constant companion, but talented characters skillfully hide the pain. on stage, the brilliant artists are the kings of courage, the minutes of glory are so sweet. Unusual performers for someone are idols, but not every spectator is given to understand an ordinary actor. In a rare case they manage to win recognition, opponents rummage in dirty linen, dumbfounding the inhabitant with juicy details of the personal biography of the star, often with dirty or far-fetched stories, bringing harm. Persons with a double role experience the same emotions and suffering as ordinary people, they want to insanely heat, but this does not affect the career, gifted individuals are ready to create, laugh, surprising the grateful viewer

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