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The plane, which flies the President of the United States, under attack from the ground. At the last moment, the head of state has time to evacuate and thereby save his life. A few seconds before the explosion, it is thrown off in a special capsule that lands in the middle of impassable mountains and forests of Lapland. At the time of the crash and the strange capsule watching a teenager named Oscar, who undergoes a test in this area. The boy only with a bow and arrow should bring prey to his family, because according to the traditions of his family, the only way to become a real man.Having fallen to the ground, the President realizes that his life is in danger and he is being hunted, and one of those who are trying to kill him is his personal guard, whom he trusted. The only one who can help the head of state to survive, there are Oscars, who does not even know about what an important mission is assigned to him and who he saves. The President and the boy are joining forces, because the only way they can escape from those dangerous people who will stop at nothing until they finish their plan.

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