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In the center of the plot is a young woman with a very unusual profession. Or Weathers works in an organization that quickly eliminates the consequences of any accidents and catastrophes. The heroine has seen a lot and seemed to get used to everything. But, obtaining another task, suddenly will face the most dangerous man on the planet – with grown in secret lab Morgan. In appearance it is a completely ordinary girl, but in reality it was created with the use of synthetic DNA. Six months after his "birth" Morgan was the smartest creature in the world. And then the pretty girl began to lose control of her strength and emotions. She wanted harmony and freedom, but instead she was kept in close prison, and gray. Tom Morgan and staged a real massacre, which was the cause of the call or Weathers. But even the arrival of the specialist of such high class will not save the creators of extraordinary women from the inevitable reckoning. Their test subject was fatally tired of the bunker and wants only one thing-revenge. Therefore, all those who have ever hurt Morgan, doomed to a painful death. They can hide and go from the laboratory in their cars, but it is a dangerous girl of the new generation to wish, and death immediately overtake them anywhere.