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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Mystery
It's a tale of true friendship between two teenagers. Due to the fact that my grandmother began to feel worse, Amamiya's parents change their place of residence from Tokyo to a small provincial town. The young man has an amazing education, upbringing and reading - he got it all from his father, a pianist. Since childhood, the child was interested in music, playing the piano every day and trying to master these instruments in the highest degree.nnDespite the fact that he is the son of a famous pianist, the school pays little attention to him from his peers. To establish friendship with the young musician came only with the boy Kai, who later absolutely accidentally found in the woods on the piano. Later it turned out that the piano teacher, Azino and happy finds Kai immediately began to master the instrument. But on the ground of common interest, the friendship between the guys immediately began to gain momentum.nnBoth musicians were already preparing for a music competition, the victory in which will give a lot of opportunities for further development in music. However, at the last moment the feeling of friendship was replaced by a sense of competition, then envy, and later - hatred. Absorbed in anger to each other guys can not focus on the piano, which begins to suffer performance. Former friends will have to find the strength to shake hands, otherwise their pride will lead to the collapse of both musical talents.

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