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The series "Phineas and Ferb" introduces the viewer to two teenagers spending the summer in a country house. The boys are sure that the summer is designed for exciting adventures and incredible discoveries. Their plans only at first glance seem unreal.rn

Fines knowingly got the role of generator of ideas and critisice. He is smart, educated and likes to invent something new. All that comes up with Phineas, implements in the life of his half-brother Ferb, who came on vacation from the UK. The boy is silent, and his every word is worth its weight in gold. All phrases of the hero are full of sense and succinctly convey the essence of the situation in which friends once again fall because of their craving for new experiences. Among their projects are the construction of fun slides, a building up to Space, a round-the-world trip in one day and much more.the brothers are being watched by their older sister Candice. In most cases, the girl does not approve of the behavior of the guys. However, sometimes she gladly is participating in their antics. Like any teenage girl, she has a boyfriend she's in love with. Handsome Jeremy favors his fan, but their serious relationship is hampered by Susie, the younger sister, who wants to remain the only girl in her brother's life.rn

Candice don't like what you are doing boys with your friends. She sees their tricks, condemns and tries to complain to parents. But, by coincidence, every time a mother of children appears at home all that was built, suddenly disappears, and the brothers themselves do nothing for this. From parent to anger them accidentally saves pet.rn

If "Phineas and Ferb" watch online, you can understand that the platypus Perry is not just a favorite of children. He is a man of few words, but very skilled undercover agent. The main purpose of Perry, Dr. doofenshmirtz evil. He plans to seize power in the town, which invents various devices. All devices of the villain have one thing in common – their name ends with the sound combination "-inator". These ingenious devices can really be a cause of danger, so Perry every time is not an easy task. Sponsor experiments evil genius is his ex-wife, a millionaire who pays him alimony.rnOnly agent P. can thwart the doctor's plans. At that moment, when the brothers are distracted, their platypus wears a Fedora and gets another job from his boss. He needs to get into the skyscraper, owned by Doof, to learn the details of his plan to conquer the world and kill a villain. Each time Perry manages to do not only that, but also to remove all the evidence of the tricks of his masters, Phineas and Ferb. The brothers, who have missed the pet, which has again become an ordinary pet, are glad to have it back, without even imagining that it has just saved from great danger not only them, but the whole world.rn

the Summer adventures of stepbrothers and their friends scouts will raise the mood and will allow to admire the antics of the children and their boundless imagination. Especially as the guardian of order in their town Tristate is a clever professional, secret agent PI.