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The young man in his childhood suffered the cruelty of the father, the mother was silent and did not interfere in their relationship, so grown kid trying to break into high society, however, addiction has become an insurmountable obstacle to the dream. He was called to the high society receptions, the picture Even that manages to weave words in beautiful patterns, does not help him, parading out all unattractive traits.


the Majesty of the hero ascended to heaven, it seems a refinement to flow out through the cracks, but is slightly forgotten as a young man, leaving everything behind, grabs his disgusting habits. Playboy lived simple, austere, in the end, didn't even notice as he began to move in the direction of self-destruction. The smell of money sign still beckoning, but a family of fat did not want to. Spitting on everyone, the dreamer lowered life into the cloaca, turning into a worthless person. Would not be a fool in the end at the trash, because an idle existence can lead to mental and physical weakness. Not realizing that doing the ugly, the dandy was not ashamed of such behavior, then correcting did not intend

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