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Leslie Knope is the Deputy head of parks and recreation in Pawnee, Indiana. Despite his high position, Knope feels that his work does not bring any benefit to society. She enthusiastically performs even the most boring assignments of her boss-cynic Ron Swanson, who can not stand politics and everything connected with it, so often deliberately puts employees of his Department in a dead end.gets Out of almost all the deadlocks, of course, Leslie, who does not share the political views of Swanson, which often comes into confrontation with him. Despite the frequent altercations, Swanson and Knope respect each other, and Ron is well aware that he can not dismiss his most annoying subordinate, because then the Department entrusted to him will be bent completely and day miss Knope gets a great opportunity to create something really Grand in Pawnee. The city comes to the soloist of the band "Mouse Rat" Andy Dwyer along with his girlfriend Ann Perkins. It just so happens that Andy wanders into an abandoned quarry, falls into it and breaks both his legs. This incident forces his girlfriend Anne to turn to the city administration, and on her way she meets not someone, but the main enthusiast of Pawnee-Leslie an unfortunate incident, Leslie sees a prospect for her career growth and, most importantly, for the ennobling of her beloved city: she puts forward a proposal to build a city Park on the site of the very quarry where Andy broke his legs. Lazy and cynical Ron Swanson immediately refuses Knope in her endeavor, however, city Manager mark Brendanawicz support this idea not so much because of the fact that truly believes in its success, but because excited by the enthusiasm of Leslie.rn< p>Miss Knope, along with like-minded Ann, who is gradually becoming her good friend, begin a large-scale project to build the Central Park of Pawnee…