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  • Drama
Group of talented scientists in the last 2 years working on secret projects "880". After sleepless nights, countless trials and hard work, the heroes were able to create an incredible device for time travel. Scientists have calculated all the details, prepared and decided to conduct the final experiment. They needed a lot of energy, but even that didn't stop them. The telephone conversation of one of the researchers attracted the attention of the government, and now the building, where the project "880" is being developed secretly, is closely monitored by law enforcement agencies, which can significantly complicate the task of scientists.In the end, the scientist named Jim sent one hour into the future where he must wait for his colleagues, who soon must "catch" it. Everything went just perfect, but just immediately the guy came back from the future with a video camera and said that within an hour there will be a terrible tragedy and all those who take part in the experiment will be brutally killed and the laboratory destroyed. Heroes, realizing the danger of what is happening, trying to change something, but it is very difficult, and soon there will come a time when they can not leave the building and begin to die at the hands of an unknown killer. Will Jim, who knows how it will end, change the future and thus save his friends?

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