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  • Drama
On the planet struck a terrible virus that turns people into bloodthirsty and ruthless monsters who have only one goal – to kill others. Cities turned into ruins, and only a few managed to survive. The last people are trying to somehow regain their strength and save those who need it. Search for survivors in the center of Los Angeles sent a group of soldiers. One of the members of the reckless group is Dr. Lauren, who needs to seek out those who we can help. The rescue team is faced with a clear, but very difficult task-to find survivors and bring them to a safe place. It soon becomes clear that this is much more difficult than it might seem at first glance.At first everything goes quite normally, but after a while the situation to get out of control, and rescuers find themselves in the role of victims. They have to go through hell, face their biggest nightmares and overcome the most difficult tests. They have nowhere to retreat, and now only the skills, work together and courage can save their lives. Will Lauren and her companions be able to overcome all obstacles, find the living and return to the base?

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