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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
If a family person is put in a hopeless situation, then a wonderful father, a faithful husband, a hardworking family man is able to make radical decisions, defending the safety of native people and his own future. Proven By Walter White. Marty Byrd, the hero of the new crime drama, has no deadly disease, but Byrd is on the edge of a huge debt pit, which the cartel may well make a grave. In addition, the threat of death hangs over the heads of his wife and children, so it's time to hit breaking bad< a> to solve problems, pay off debts, lay a solid Foundation for the future. In case the father has to leave the family for good reasons in the form of a long prison term or untimely death. Martin is a gifted mathematician and a brilliant financier, which in the past has made him an attractive figure in the eyes of a mafia-like organization for the legalization of drug capital. Cooperation with the mafia financial adviser began a long time ago, since then his life has become prosperous and monetary, but now came a cruel reckoning. Baird's partner in illegal business got caught on the fact that too actively climbed into someone else's pocket, and the cartel does not forgive such behavior. As a result, a bullet in the head, ends in water, the drug Lord causes the next victim on the carpet. Marty wasn't as greedy as his murdered colleague, so he saved his life. Temporarily, because a few million vanished into thin air and have to go back to the mafia Bank accounts. Most likely, the financier would have gone to the next world after a friend, but his knowledge of the world of clean and dirty money globally – at the critical moment a devoted family man fabricates a dizzying plan how to organize a large-scale operation on drug laundering . The hero collects things, puts his wife, son and daughter in the car, leaves his beloved Chicago and throws down roots in a provincial town with the outlandish name of Ozark. On the surface it is quiet and peaceful compared to the metropolis, but soon, the drive of drugs will get here. In addition, the agile FBI agent does not sleep, is on the trail and intends at any cost to catch the hand of a clever crook who took on too much criminal cargo of money.