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At the foot of the Appalachian mountains, among the dense and mystical forest, for many centuries lives a huge clan of Farrells, which almost everyone in the district called simply-outcasts. They lead absolutely closed from prying eyes life, fiercely honor family tradition and always follow their own laws, which ordinary people seem quite wild. Farrells are proud of the fact that they are completely independent and free, so rarely chosen in civilization, which they call the village, located near the forest. The savages fiercely defend their lands from strangers and never let strangers in there. However, at the same time they are trying not to conflict with the locals that the villagers only on hand, as they are very afraid and even dislike the family of outcasts. but suddenly a representative of an industrial company comes to the village, who informs the head of the town that the whole territory at the foot of the mountains is bought by them and is planned to be used for timber extraction. However, Industrialists did not consider one nuance – the family of the Farrells is not going so easy to leave home and to enter into negotiations with builders, therefore, the representatives of the company decide to seek the assistance of the local police. But clan not plans to surrender, they until the end of will stand on its and defend not only territory, but and its existence.

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