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Life is so unpredictable. It is full of various meetings, disappointments, finds and losses, joys and bitterness. Its versatility is sometimes very surprising. In fact, you never know what жде1т you for the next turn of your life's journey. You just toss you farther and farther on the highway of life to meet their dreams and desires. That's the main character of this film traveled the roads of Northern Italy for some specific reason. To find out what, start a movie "Snow" watch online for free.The main character's name is Donato. From the first minutes of the film it becomes clear that he is very lonely. The man slowly travels on the Italian snow-covered roads. Why does he keep going back and forth? What's he looking for? So far, nothing is known about this. Once the protagonist meets a girl of unearthly beauty named Nora. What will this meeting bring to the hero? To find out, rather sit down to view the picture "Snow" in good quality 720 HD.Seeing a lonely girl on the road, Donato decided to help her. As it turned out, Nora quarreled with her companion. Then that, without a twinge of conscience, exposed it for a car door and left. So began the journey of two completely different and until that moment, strangers. Each of them has its own secrets, which, probably, will be revealed over time.

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