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  • Drama
What could be worse than to be in childhood an orphan, left in the care of teachers of the orphanage. It was this fate that was prepared for the heroine of the film series called the Dark child. A girl named Sarah had to go through a lot of trials. Sorrow piled on it with an enviable constancy. And they can not see the end. The girl feels more and more incredibly lonely in this huge, strange world for her, where everyone is busy with their own problems and does not notice such personalities as she. There is no one who would like to show a modicum of compassion, to reach out and become a close, reliable support. one day Sarah by coincidence suddenly becomes a witness to suicide. She sees how a young girl, who is also incredibly similar to her like a twin sister, deprives herself of life. Sarah is horrified, but quickly took himself in hand, takes a rather unexpected decision. She's going to take the place of the dead DoppelgangeR. Only soon Sarah discovers that thereby amassed on his head a bunch of even more difficult troubles. Besides, the killed girl was similar to her not only externally. Once in her place, Sarah learns a lot of shocking news.

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