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In the late nineteenth century in Cuba under the rule of Spain, is a fatal meeting: Luis Antonio Vargas first sees his bride, American Julia Russell, with whom he became acquainted by correspondence. To the surprise of Louis, his bride is not like the photos he received in the mail: he expected to see the most ordinary, not particularly attractive woman, and to meet him came out beautiful. Julia explained that the reason for the deception of her desire to find a groom who is interested in herself, not her appearance, and Louis is quite satisfied. In the end, he himself was not honest and resorted to similar tricks: himself as humble and poor worker, but actually was rich, owned a coffee company. Between Louis and Julia there is a passionate love, but soon the behavior of the young wife becomes quite strange: she is in no hurry to answer the letters of her sister, and soon after the letter was sent, a private detective appeared in Cuba.

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