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  • Genres:
  • Drama
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Nearing the Christmas of 1954. Members of the Argyle family are about to go to bed, but find the body of the adoptive mother in a pool of blood. Since the murdered Rachel from the series "Ordeal by Innocence", the least get along with the younger stepson, and the young man had no alibi, the police consider the case closed and indicts Jack in court. The guy is in prison, soon he dies among criminals.a year Later, the mansion celebrates Christmas eve again. However, discussing the impending wedding of Argyll-senior. Leo chose a new wife, announced his engagement and gathered on the occasion of the guests. Among those present according to the plot of the film "the Test of innocence" is a man who can say a lot to all the relatives of the victims of Jack and Rachel. One Dr. Arthur Kalray it seems that he has evidence in defense of a man who paid with his life without committing murder. Worried households realize how much was wrong, and now everyone is afraid to become another victim of a criminal lurking among loved ones. Attentive uninvited visitor sure that famously unveils the secrets of the aristocrats, which also fear the appearance of decent educated people. Kalergi confidently reveals the ins and outs of each, he relishes the details of their personal lives and died Rachel, and her husband, does not miss details about all foster children.Alas, but biologically childless mother brought into the house completely different offspring, trying to save them from poverty and ignorance. But so strangled wards care and love that nurtured in the heart of each self-hatred or fear to return to his home with unfavorable conditions.

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