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The life of the town of Three hill revolves around the achievements of the basketball team "Ravens", where the guys from high school play. For a couple of years, the undisputed star of the team — Nathan, the son of the most influential man in the city, a former basketball player, Dan Scott. Father jealously follows the achievements of the heir, controls his training, pulls out of any alterations in which Nathan gets because of his own arrogance and a sense of impunity.

Dan has another son he prefers not to remember. Lucas was born of the connection of Scott with a classmate, Karen. Despite the request of Dan to have an abortion, the girl kept the baby and raised him all these years alone. Careless father went to College, married blonde deb, who became Nathan's mother.

rnThe series "one tree Hill" will tell the complicated story of the relationship between the two young brothers Scott. From the outside it seems that they have nothing in common except their father and love for basketball.rnArrogant, self-confident Nathan, who does not tolerate competition, shines in the "Crows" and knocks for the team victory after victory. Dan wants his son to live the life he never had. Scott Sr. was a promising player, but his sports career did not work out. The father treats his son and imposes his own desires on him, convincing him that it would be better for Nathan.

Quiet, well-read, smart precocious Lucas plays basketball on a modest river court with his friends and secretly dreams of showing his father that he made the biggest mistake of leaving Karen 18 years ago.

the Situation for both brothers changes dramatically when, due to Nathan's antics, the Crows are temporarily deprived of several players. Coach Whitey at the insistence of Keith Scott, Dan's brother, looks at Lucas and eventually invites the guy to the team.


Nathan gets a strong competitor whom he hates in absentia: Dan did everything to turn his son against his half-brother. The situation is complicated by the fact that Lucas cute Peyton-girl Nathan.


gradually the brothers realize that they have much more in common than they thought...< p>