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Takumi and Co-sons of a millionaire, live a boring life rich. Once the older Takumi tired of this bland existence and he runs away from home in an unknown direction. The younger Ko loves his brother more than anyone in the world, so he soon starts in his footsteps. It will be many years before he finds it, and in a place that could not be more suitable for the young downshifter – in the slums.nnIt turns out that Takumi himself has established and runs a detective Agency. Under him, tanned guy with Rasta-man hair and the comely assistant with the fifth bust. When Ko finds out that his brother is not going to return to his boring father's house, he decides to join this strange Agency. And soon begins to feel the taste of a new life. These four detectives perform assigned tasks very peculiar. For example, they can, as they ordered, to prevent the theft of a gold statuette for 100 million, but at the same time to destroy the mansion of its owner worth 2 billion. How come they're not transferring clients?nnThe series "Strange Plus" based on the story of the manga Right Mikawa with the same name. And the name justifies its content and form 100 %. Heroes anime full of freaks, what is happening on the screen without a description of the show impossible to understand. A series last for 3.5 minutes (of which 30 seconds-screensaver), and one season can be fully viewed per hour. What else is there to say?