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  • Drama
Emma had not hoped that you will be able to see his son, who so long ago lost. The woman could not accept this loss for a long time, when she finally convinced herself that her darling would never return, he not only makes himself felt, but also tells an amazing story, in which he told her about an incredible world full of miracles. Emma did not even believe that this actually exists, but very soon she herself had to go there to help the residents get rid of the impending threat to them. Girl and could not imagine how serious and how dangerous it can be in those places. thanks to Emma then the fairy world was saved, but it took quite a few years and now it is time to remember Henry about the world that he had to protect. His daughter, whom he had never hoped to see again returns and takes the man to an amazing city, where he will make new friends and try to help people get rid of all the problems they are faced. But will Henry be able to do anything? Is he strong enough and will he be able to cope with everything? Whether residents received what at the time selected him as your Saviour, or was it a mistake?