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Thriller Cannibal (2013) - the story of a brutal killer, which covers a previously unseen feeling of love for his victim... In the center of the film presents a decent and quiet Kravets small Spanish town of Granada. In this place, it seems as if time has stopped, and those things that are in the shadows, remain unnoticed by anyone. At first glance, the life of a tailor is somewhat isolated, because in addition to his regular customers, he practically does not communicate with anyone. Hardly anyone would have thought that behind the mask of the friendly Kravets actually lies the killer and the cannibal. Killing and dismembering foreign girls is as commonplace to him as cutting a woven cloth. Moreover, the corpses of young beauties, this beast in human form, fills the freezer, and then prepares a variety of dishes. nWho knows how many would have continued this secret bloodshed, if one day on the doorstep of Carlos appeared, the twin sister of one of his victims. Girl Nina came from Romania in search of her dead sister. The idea is that she had to suffer the fate of relatives, but Kravets, unexpectedly falls in love with Nina, which leads him to a dead end, because now inside men are fighting two powerful forces: love and the desire to kill. Moreover, love is mutual, able to overcome all adversities. And at this point, it seems that Carlos is about to be reborn and return to the human condition. And everything seems to be informed it the perfect becomes not so horrible looking, I just wish that this story had a happy ending. BUT! There it was, after all, Carlos is not in a hurry to become like everyone else and let my heart of earthly love. He is faced with a dilemma: to love or to eat, that's the question? How these contradictions will be solved, the viewer, did not watch the film, learns during independent viewing, and therefore we will not fully disclose the plot of the Cannibal.nDespite the similarity of the name of this Thriller with another film: Cannibal-vegetarian, their stories are completely different, but because fans of genre films, as well as specific non-trivial art house, you should definitely watch this stylish movie from Manuel Martin Cuenca about the meeting of two strange creatures, their love and a short moment of happiness.

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