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Original Title: Of Kings and Prophets
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ABC
Language: English
Description: One night" series in the genre of crime drama. The protagonist of the series mother Pakistani. He often hears from surrounding negative opinion about his origins. He has only relatives and a Muslim friend among his friends. So, when he was invited to a party in the cool guys, We just could not miss this chance. The moment of the meeting was approaching, but his friend, who had to take the car, could not come to the party. The hero had to find a way out of the situation. We borrow a taxi to his father and goes to the meeting place. The center of the city he knows is bad and is simply lost. Yes, and forgets to turn off the flashing lights in a taxi, so that it is constantly someone sits down and asks to take to the place. One of the uninvited passengers to become an attractive girl. We immediately forget about the party and fulfill her every desire. So the hero gets to the apartment of beauty, where they drink all night, take drugs, have sex and just have fun. We had never before used alcohol and drugs, and he had sex with only 1 girl. Absolutely drunken guy fell asleep in the kitchen. Back in the room in the morning he found the girl dead and in shock ran away. Running away from the crime scene, he forgot things, left a lot of evidence and was at a complete loss. He had no memory of what had happened.

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