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Original Title: Nurse Jackie
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
Channel: Showtime
Creators: Linda Wallem,Liz Brixius,Evan Dunsky
Language: English
Description: The first lady of the state, "Jackie", better known as the wife of John F. Kennedy. She was only in this position for two years. But this short time gave her the opportunity to become an icon of style in women of that era. Its elegant and trendy outfits have made her a permanent character gossip. All of America and Europe welcomed this graceful woman. Several films and books were shot and written during her lifetime. But as you know, the girl is destined to become a widow. On 22 November 1963, her husband was shot and killed. Jackie was in a depressed state. It was like she was off the ground and didn't believe what was happening.Cold November days have become for it revelation. A terrible shock caught her in the Prime of her life. But she needs to be discreet. As a wife and mother of children, Kennedy wanted to just get out of the public eye for a couple of months to try to come to her senses. But as a politician, she had to constantly flash in front of cameras and video cameras. Together with the people, she experienced an unexpected loss of the President. But for her in the first place, it was one of the first real trials in life.Her Camelot is gone. Now only his name on the grave fence. Second this will never happen. But he still has children. And the girl must gather all her strength into a fist and become courageous. This ordeal fell upon her shoulders. But she has to endure it. Who would have thought that at such a young age she would have to endure the bitterness of irreparable loss. Their marriage wasn't perfect. There were even infidelity on the part of her husband. But it did not break the strong spirit of a strong and noble woman. The task of the lady-to keep yourself on top even in moments when you want to throw everything and cry into the pillow. She is the face of the state. Along with all that is going through this difficult time. But the main worries fell at her feet.

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