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Grandfather Ahmet is one of the main characters of the series "Number 309". He is very rich and at the same time has a huge number of oddities. For his life the old man had really succeeded. He feels the approach of imminent death, so decides to record a special video. His relatives will be able to see only after the death of grandfather Ahmet. In it, the old man will determine that who will get. After some time, grandfather Ahmet dies, and his relatives come to a luxurious house to get acquainted with the will.nEach of the many relatives to the last hopes that the tidbit left the cake will get it to him. Lucky was a grandson by the name of Onur. The old man loved him more than the others, so he left half the family business, a controlling stake, half a billion liras. That got Onur as heritage, the family can only dream. To get the promised legacy, grandfather Ahmet set him one condition. Only after its implementation Onur can start to manage a huge company.nOnur must find a bride. But it is not enough to marry a girl, she must give birth to a child. All the relatives and the guy is a bit shocked at the condition of his grandfather, but to obtain incredible wealth, Onur ready to deal. The first action begins to execute the mother of the Kennel. She strenuously chooses a bride for her son, who could become not only a great wife, but also give birth to a healthy baby. Mom guy is trying very hard, because very soon they can become very rich and afford all that they could not get before.