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At the beginning of the XVII century, residents of two Japanese villages, who have long been improving the ancient martial art of shinobi and have been fighting among themselves for several thousand years, have the opportunity to restore peace. The thing is that between the heir of the koga clan Gennoske and Oboro, a representative of the IgA clan, strong feelings break out. They so have grown fond each other, that now, seemed would, centuries-old feud two sat will come the end of the. Residents see them as a hope for a better future, and everyone is happy. But there is a man that decided to change the situation and return everything to its place.Shogun Takugawa, who managed to unite the country and completely take power under his control, sees danger in the world between two strong clans, so he decides to quarrel them again. He again confronts the representatives of the two genera with each other, and the winner promises power over the entire province. Gennoske, realizing that a bloody war is coming, which will bring back pain and suffering, stands for a peaceful solution to the conflict and tries to settle all diplomacy. His beloved Equipment, he believes that only war can solve the conflict and is not going to lose this confrontation. Is beginning to a brutal war between clans, and two favorite will have to meet on the field battlefield, where and will determine their fate.

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