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Original Title: Nikita
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: The CW
Creators: Craig Silverstein
Language: English
Description: The main character of the adventure series "Nikita" - a young woman special agent, rebelled against the insidious law enforcement agencies of the state. As a troubled teenager, Nikita committed a lot of offenses and even real crimes. When she was caught once again, she was sentenced to death. But on the eve of this last procedure, she was approached by representatives of the so – called Unit-a secret American Agency engaged in the dirtiest operations.nnNikita was offered a choice: she saves her life, but in return she becomes an agent of the Unit and will perform its tasks. The girl agrees and starts training. In the end, it makes perfect ruthless killer. Nikita gets to work, removing unnecessary persons for the state. With its mission, it copes with a Bang, that's just it is more and more do not like. And when she discovers that the pseudo-penalty, she staged the Unit, is completely convinced that she was framed and betrayed.nnFrom now on Nikita will fight with the Agency and those who distorted her young life. Soon she finds a partner-a girl named Alex from a new set of Units. Now the two of them will resist the insidiousness of the state.

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