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The problem of environmental protection worries many people, but only some are willing to take extreme measures to do at least something useful, in their opinion. Such people are Josh, dena and Harmon. These three radical conservationists are ready to make great sacrifices and destruction, if only the public would pay attention to the problems that should concern everyone. Heroes long ponder and develop a plan to undermine the huge dam that holds hundreds of thousands of tons of water. For the destruction of the dam may be unforeseen tragic events, but the characters are not much worried, because they are confident that they are doing the right thing that will help humanity to survive.After a carefully developed plan, conservationists begin to implement it. They overcome various obstacles, difficulties and their own doubts. Within one day, they are preparing for what they believe should force people to address the issue of environmental pollution. Will they be able to realize their daring plan? And what will be the consequences of their crazy and possibly stupid decision to blow up the dam?