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England survived the revolution, the civil war, and now, after the restoration of the Stewart dynasty, the country was overwhelmed by the reaction. Events in the series "New worlds" takes place in 1680, when many, accused of involvement in the execution of the father of king Charles II, trying to find shelter in the New World. But in addition to the troubles of the official authorities, the settlers face other misfortunes. At the beginning of the first series, the viewer becomes a witness to the bloody assault, when hundreds of painted angry savages, not paying attention to the firearms of the British, trying to destroy the "pale-faced brothers". The worlds described in this film are on opposite sides of the great ocean. In the old England, unlike the new colonies, all run by aristocrats, walking around in beautiful clothes. Their destiny policies and a subtle intrigue that could destroy an old family which for centuries held sway in their lands. The series "New worlds" was a tough and atmospheric film. It is distinguished by good quality, complex plot and a large number of characters. It is written that this is a mini-series, but the picture deserves to be released sequel. As in the colony, and on the mainland, unfolding bloody drama that the viewer can not watch quietly. A special place in the film is love, it can affect any hero, regardless of whether the robber is, a nobleman or a red Indian.