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Powerful and invincible Raven king craved power, so I decided to conquer all the land. He, along with his invincible army swept away everything in its path. No one could stop him. When there was no hope, come down from heaven a great warrior, who managed not only to challenge the Lord Crow, but to destroy it. Immediately after winning, the warrior disappeared, leaving behind only the heavenly sword. This sword has great power. People began to kill each other for the right to possess this magical weapon and its power, he became a curse for all mankind. So it was up until the sword fell into the hands of the clan of wandering warriors. For many years, the clan guarded the sword, keeping it behind its walls, but there was an evil that wanted to take possession of it. Treacherous and ruthless king Bohan gathered a huge army, with which he wanted to defeat the wandering warriors and get heavenly weapons. The clan was defeated, and now only the brave Nariko is the daughter of the head of the clan, able to keep the sword and to resist Bohan. A brave girl warrior will fight in the greatest battle of mankind, and the price of this battle is too high to lose.

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