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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
In order to deal with particularly dangerous criminals, we need special methods and extreme caution. In this struggle, there is no equal to the special unit of the Maritime police. Special agents, risking their lives, perform various operations on a national scale. They operate under the guise of trying on a fake personality. On their side are unmatched skills, sharp mind and advanced technology. They are first-class specialists, boldly looking in the face of danger. They are not afraid of death, because they confidently go to their goal. Gee Cullen has a real talent for reincarnation. He, like a chameleon, can easily change their images and easily implemented into gangs. Even such a first-class specialist as he needs loyal assistants. One of the loyal companions was Sam Hannah, a marine in the past. It is responsible for monitoring the agents. In this he was assisted by the most modern technologies. Kensi bly is not afraid of the feeling of danger, so she loves her job. The safety of the country's inhabitants depends on these heroes and their colleagues. They understand this very well and are always ready to stand up for civilians.