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Natsume Yujin-cho Season 1 by TV Tokyo download without torrents for free in HD

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Original Title: Natsume Yujin-cho
  • Genres:
  • Animation
Channel: TV Tokyo
Description: The Natsume book of friendship watch online is recommended with the first series not to miss the plot of the anime series. Takashi Natsume from childhood was very different from his peers. The kid noticed something that I couldn't see no man – ghosts, demons, and other supernatural people of all stripes. Both adults and children thought the boy was strange. Still, it's hard to call normal someone who suddenly tremble with fear, staring into the void, suddenly silent in the middle of the conversation or begin to mutter something invisible interlocutor.the thing is that the guy is endowed with extraordinary abilities and can see otherworldly creatures. Even as a child, he would be happy to get rid of a unique talent forever. Now, becoming a teenager and studying in high school, Takashi just hates such a painful gift. The boy has long been left without parents, and is brought up by a foster family – in a place where once lived his grandmother Reiko Natsume. It is here that the spirits that never seemed particularly friendly, suddenly began to attack the kid. The unfortunate found salvation only in the walls of the temple, where evil can not penetrate.soon the schoolboy realized that paranormal creatures, poorly distinguishing people, simply confuse him with his grandmother. She died at a young age and possessed the same strength as her grandson. In her youth she had countless times to engage in battle with demons, always leaving the battle victorious. Woman forced defeated rivals to write their names on sheets of paper. Subsequently from these sheets the fighting person made a friendship Notebook. All, whose names were in it, have become retainers a dashing Gran's. For many years, the ghosts wanted to take the coveted notebook. Well, and harder to hurt its owner. And since the book of friendship is quite thick, it's amazing that none of the many mentioned in its pages monsters has not yet managed to get to Takashi.rn

Finding out the truth about the notebook found among the old grandmother's things, the boy thought about what to do with a valuable object. After all, who is the owner of the Notebook friendship Natsume receives the power over an army of supernatural creatures. Good and fair Takashi does not want to lead a crowd of monsters, and does not want to be commanded by anyone else. A guy decides to bring back all who once defeated the Reiki names.rn

with the help of a new friend – accidentally released from prison demon Madara, like a fat lazy cat-the boy plans to find the prisoners of the Notebook and give everyone freedom. Not an easy task, given that ungrateful prisoners and strive to devour or at least how to torment the Savior. In his noble and exciting mission, the young hero meets a lot of unusual creatures that are not so different from people. And the closer he discovers the unknown, the better he understands how amazing the world and all who inhabit it is.

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