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It is impossible at times to say lucky you with your relatives, or conversely, awful nacarello. The usual Japanese kid named Takashi Natsume from their ancestors in childhood order through enough. If his ordinary counterparts at night tormented by ordinary nightmarish creatures, which are so fond of describing in pop-cultural horror movies of different countries, then it came to such ghosts and spirits with demons – and all the national heroes that any adult roof will move out.nnHowever, Takeshi somehow survived in this difficult period of growing up. He had a hard time including because he had to fight on two fronts. Dark forces attacked him at night and during the day there was none who understands ally who would support him even though his faith and participation. Everyone just laughed at poor Takashi. Here are just a combat hardened hero. He eventually mastered his emotions and tamed his fears.nnWhen his grandmother died, hunted sorcery and witchcraft, the young man moved into her house. According to legend, he knew that the building is kept a special notebook in which were included the names of all those whom his grandmother disembodiment. And Takashi came your way - to the extreme point, it will prompt the enemy to go on the path of friendship. And if the enemy does not agree

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