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A black guy goes to Charleston, where he plans to marry his girlfriend soon and start a quiet family life. For unknown reasons, the future wedding is absolutely not impressive future groom and does not contribute to the manifestation of joy. A happy event should take place the next day, so he will immediately prepare for a possible solemn event, make an oath of the groom. But Rob evades his obligations and goes to have fun with his best friend. They are too addicted and completely lose control, forgetting all sense of proportion. After going through with the use of alcoholic beverages, the frivolous newlyweds wakes up in the Elevator, having absolutely no clothes, surrounded by surprised random witnesses of an unsightly spectacle. You can watch Naked 2017 online in good quality for free without registration.The shocked groom does not remember at all what happened to him during night adventures. He realizes with horror that he will be at his own wedding in just sixty minutes. Then there is a series of incredible, crazy events. He has to escape from the cops that pursue the violator of the public peace. And then you need to immediately find the right clothes for the appearance in the Church, where there are many guests and frustrated bride. But as soon as he approaches the cherished goal, the story begins again, he returns to the starting point every time, waking up naked in the same place. The time loop closes in on the event, bringing it back to a point where it feels incredibly awkward and a sense of shame for its behavior. Something needs to change in recurring events.

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