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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Family
In the center of the story is a ruined Park, landed in a prison cell. The hero's mother drove his wife, left a daughter - she never liked Jin Sook, but because now blamed for all the troubles it Bitches. Having forbidden to visit her husband in prison, she told her son that the wife no longer wants to see him, making every effort to break up the marriage, it seems that the woman succeeds. And for her son, the woman found another couple-Secretary Chon Mi, who worked for the firm Puck. Time passes and now su Ken's little daughter has grown up. Mother she now calls Chun Mi, but wants to know more about a real mother, that finds. Soon, the girl gets married and also gives birth to a daughter. That, in turn, also grew up and is now in the position of orphans-boxer. My mother advises me to have an abortion, which my daughter does not agree to. But, against her wishes, su Kyun forcefully leads her daughter to the hospital, because she wants her daughter to study law and not spoil her own future. The boxer learns about the incident, instantly finds himself in the ward, thereby preventing abortion. Jin Suk doesn't like her son-in-law, but she begins to remember her own youth and decides to accept her daughter's choice. How will the characters get along, will be able to get used to the situation.