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Original Title: My Sassy Girl
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: SBS
Description: Wade Saltenfass - a little girl who was barely eleven. Her parents run a family business: funeral services, and part of the large house in which they live is reserved for the funeral home. Wade's childhood takes place in an oppressive dark filled with funeral paraphernalia situation. The girl's mother died. Her father after his wife's death, having lost all interest in life, with his head went into the business, and crazy grandmother and then scares the child strange antics. The father is so consumed with grief that in his own family Wade feels alienated and lonely. His father's business is on the verge of ruin, but he does not lose hope and hires a new employee at the funeral home Shelley. Her cheerfulness and positive attitude is so contagious that radically change the situation in the family Saltenfass. The gloomy mood and alienation of Wade's father gradually fades away. He spends much less time at work, trying to be more in the family circle, re-learns to enjoy every day. The whole world in the eyes of the father of the family is changing, it is full of inspiration and new ideas. Happy loving father who is always there-what so long waited for the poor girl, and finally waited.

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