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Few people know how a high school student feels, who has long been more like an adult overweight middle-aged man. Passersby will definitely notice a stranger walking heavy specific gait past them. But Takeo of the Year is this: six-foot burly fellow one of its kind, shocking the others. The student has acquired immense size for a long time, although recently moved to high school. It is logical that the girls are afraid to communicate with such a subject, bypassing him.the key character in My story has a best friend they've known since kindergarten. Makoto Sunakawa is witty and amazingly beautiful, and against the background of a friend, everywhere accompanying the young man, and does seem like a handsome Prince. Many fans are happy to plunge into the abyss of the eye of an attractive student and completely forget about caution. The daring ladies ' man enjoys the natural charm and appearance, and then easily and categorically part with the young ladies soon after acquaintance, accompanying the finale of the relationship with a loud scene with sparkling replicas of the rejected passion. The cold-blooded behavior and endless selfishness is different from the guy handsome.rn

Takeo many years of watching such behavior of peers and accustomed to the absurd nature of the other. And immense soul as a big hero every time is compressed from the experiences saddened ex-girlfriend of a classmate. A kind heart pushes an awkward young man to serious actions: he uses his strength to help all those in need.and one day on the way to school, when Sunakawa noticed a strange commotion at the end of the car and shared his thoughts on this matter with a fellow traveler, the big man decisively rushed to the aid of a modest girl, who was surrounded by doubtful peers. Without thinking twice, Takeo helped a person in need of support and saved her thereby. A new familiar a Rinko Yamato. The polite and well-mannered young lady generously thanked the valiant heroes, preparing delicious treats with her own hands. But the liberator, out of habit, has no illusions and contributes in every way to the formation of an Alliance between Yamato and Sunakawa. Miniature Grupa person probably already fascinated by the stunning pretty boy, so you just have to leave time with the love of the arena, leaving the laurels of the winner.this time, fate was merciful and generously rewarded a decent and peaceful young man with a pure bright soul. At the first opportunity, the girl escaped from the society of the insidious seducer, and hastened to establish a dialogue with Takeo, than has caused indignation of the first and the second amazement. My story!! watch online for the development of complex relationships in the resulting company. For the first time in his life a clumsy complexed teenager found in the face of a pretty Yamato pleasant attentive companion, but the strong feelings of the girl to the awkward young man became a real shock for him.