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"My little pony" — Saga of true friendshiprn

There is in our world, the magic country of Equestria. And the inhabitants there are unusual-not ordinary people, but animals: horses, Buffalo, cows and zebras. But the most important are the little ponies: charming, with colorful manes and incredibly beautiful.everything is very unusual in this magical land. In addition to the fabulous pony Pegasus live here, the factory which produce real clouds. Unicorns can cast spells and know a lot about magic and spells. And the main characters of the series "My little pony" are alicorns, magic ponies, which communicate with nature with the help of magic.Two main ponies rule the universe. Princess Silesia is responsible for the movement of The sun across the sky. And Princess moon got control of the night star-the Moon. And the sisters lived in peace and harmony, while the Moon Princess was not unreasonable. Through her fault the whole world almost plunged into darkness. But Princess Silesia managed to intervene in time. Now it controls both the Sun and the Moon. But her sister is not going to give up and wants to return to its former power.rn

In the main city of Adverstiy — Ponyville a little Sparkle. This is a student of Princess Silesia, who sent a Spark to the city to find friends and help her stop her insidious sister.It should be noted that Sparkle did not disappoint his solar mentor. From the books, our young pony learns that you can gain power through the forces of the six elements of Harmony. Now she has to go in search of these Elements in a distant castle. And only friends can help Sparkle in this difficult Ponyville, Sparkle went to the company of his assistant — dragon spike. He then helped Sparkle to find real friends in the city. Among them a clockwork Pegasi rainbow dash, fashionista Rarity, modest and bashful Fluttershy, the hardworking and industrious charming Applejack and Pinkie pie, who loves various parties.This whole friendly company is constantly being tested for the strength of friendship, getting into various situations. But their sincerity, devotion to each other and mutual help them overcome all the hardships and remain good friends. Each adventure reveals to Twilight Sparkle new facets of true friendship, what she was sure to notify your mentor Celestia.Each cartoon series tells about one adventure. Our friends will fight with a fire-breathing dragon, a meeting with the spirit of chaos and discord Discord, friends will experience the effect of the magic of the evil sorceress.rn

But mostly, our ponies live as a normal girl. They love balls, often throw parties, tinkering with their little Pets, caring for younger brothers and sisters and go on dates. If you watch the series "My little pony" online, you will learn how these magical horses celebrate Valentine's Day, what contests are held at a pajama party and how to prepare for sports competitions.rnBut the older the ponies become, the more serious the trials await them. Will twilight Sparkle become a Princess, will Pinkie pie keep the title of "super-duper party pony", will the ponies be able to keep their magic Insignia? Watch the cartoon "My little pony" and you will find out for yourself.