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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Mystery
The main character works as a teacher. At first glance, a good girl, quiet and almost without flaws, but it is not so, those who once talked to her a little closer know that she is evil, hypocritical, and in what good do not believe. Once in her class transferred unusual girl. Wiko called Karmarock due to the fact that she sees the terrible dreams that later come true. If you warn the person who dreamed of the girl in another nightmare, you can protect it. For this purpose the grandfather of the schoolgirl thought up the device which displays a dream on the computer monitor and the person if does not trust words can look and be convinced that it is the truth. Unwittingly in this story engaged and the teacher, she's not used to help anyone, but now she has no choice, her help is needed to rescue people from dreams.