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Starting my heroic Academy to watch online, the audience will get acquainted with the young Izuku Midoria. When he was only four years old, he learned one of the saddest and most frustrating truths – not all people are equal from birth. In a society where the boy lives, to be not like everyone else, means not to have any unusual abilities. Only a small percentage of children and adults do not have a special gift – the ability to fly, cause fire, move objects without touching them, become invisible or turn into a terrible monster. Extraordinary talents are called "quirks", and they are present in the vast majority of citizens in this wonderful world. Those who have had the misfortune to be born ordinary boys and girls are often subjected to ridicule and, growing up, usually lead a boring and unremarkable existence.

despite his lack of superpowers, Izuku does not consider himself a loser. At the age of 14, he hopes to reach all the heights on his own and believes that one day he will fulfill his cherished desire and become a superhero. About this is quite formal and lucrative profession, that of a fantastic fairy tale turned into a daily routine, dreaming of all the students. However, even not everyone endowed with a" quirk " adult can boast that every day fighting evil and comes into battle with powerful opponents. Being a hero means not only to earn everyone's honor and respect, but also not to be afraid to sacrifice your life. Midoria is ready for danger and glory. He has no doubt that he will get a chance to make his secret dream come true.

to begin with, the boy plans to enroll in Yue national high school, the coolest superhero Academy. It is not easy to get into a fashionable and prestigious educational institution. You have to be the best of the best to be honored to step over the threshold of the school. Still, Izuku, who has no supernatural skills, manages to join the ranks of Yuey's disciples. In many ways, this was due to a chance meeting with the fearless Almighty – the idol of a teenager from childhood. After getting acquainted with this outstanding personality, who saved hundreds of civilians in various cataclysms, the fate of Midoria changed dramatically. He happened not in fantasies, but in reality to resist the cruel monster, armed only with courage and recklessness, and also to risk himself for the sake of a classmate, always teasing and offending a guy without supertalants.

the Desperate feat of a timid boy who dared to do the right thing without any superstar made a huge impression on the Almighty. Wanting to support the daredevil, he offered him an unprecedented gift and in addition agreed to help prepare for the entrance exam for the heroic course. Izuku was closer than ever to achieving its main goal in life – to get to your favorite school and learn to be a professional hero. But with revenues the kid in Yui adventures in My heroic Academy only begin!

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