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Korea in the first third of the twentieth century is experiencing the difficulties of Japanese occupation. In such unstable times, there are scammers of all stripes, who maneuver on the verge of law and crime, to secure a rich life. One of these scams that calls himself a Gentleman, did not work a day, looking for ways to illegally get rich. His brilliant scheme of fraud each time successfully implemented. The case pushed the guy with the girl Suk-Hee, which he taught the basics of his skill. Things got even better, as the main heroine of melodrama "maid-servant" novel is not inferior to his mentor in skill and agility. Acts of a gang were on hearing at all country and caused respect in the criminal world, and the police did unsuccessful efforts to catch accomplices. Now the Gentleman and Suk-Hee are concerned about a new adventure, in which an unprecedented amount is at stake. Suk-Hee infiltrates the house of a representative of one of the richest families in Korea to Woo her for a Gentleman and thus to get their hands on all her money. But everything went not according to the planned plan: Suk-Hee is attached to the heir, feeling a sense of love for her. This forbidden erotic desire makes Sook-Hee risk big, now the bet is her life.