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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
The title of the series already contains the duality that characterizes the plot. Depending on the context, in American justice, the first degree characterizes either ordinary, ordinary murder, or a crime malicious, intentional, carried out according to a carefully thought-out plan. The heroes of the series-a Duo of detectives homicide San Francisco city police Terry Seagrave and Hildy Mulligan. They go to the murder of a drug addict and first believe that this is an ordinary case, as they say,"a couple of cigarettes."nnThen there is a second murder, which is also charged with Segrave and Mulligan. Up to a certain point, two investigations are conducted in parallel, as there is no visible intersection between them. But the further the case goes, the more clearly the link between these two serious crimes. And this connection is Erich blunt. Blunt is an odious person, an icon of Silicon valley, an influential person, a successful businessman, the CEO of a large company developing innovative projects.nn"Murder..." is not a procedural COP show, a series with a consistent plot. The investigation of the case will be delayed for the whole season, all stages will be presented: the Commission of the crime, all the vicissitudes of the investigation, the capture of the villain and the accomplishment of justice. During this time, will have time to open up and the personality of Terry and Hildy, because each of them has its own drama in life.

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