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Under the guise of the shadow of her husband, master or powerful patron, women for centuries cleverly manipulated men, seeking, both in everyday and political terms, almost all of its many needs. Not counting the women rivals, not only in the new series Kesem Sultan online which kstate is a continuation of the famous series the Magnificent century , the powers that be laid at the feet of his conqueror all the most valuable that was in their possession. Conquered by the incredible beauty, amazing talents and beating tenderness, for a soul in need of love, they listened to endless advice and became hostages of their own feelings, unaware that their emotions are skillfully controlled by an insidious puppeteer. After the fall of the most insidious fratricide of the Ottoman Empire – Mahmed III, who dealt with numerous heirs to the throne, his deranged brother Mahmed ascended to the throne, wildly resisting to stand at the head of the great responsibility. At this very time, Ahmed was only fourteen years old and, knowing that at eighteen he would ascend to the throne without any problems, the guy did not act meanly and left his brother alive. Having received power for adulthood, Ahmed I becomes the Sultan of all the elements, the padishah of the three continents and solemnly undertakes to Shine like the Sun in the sky, ring like a spring river in the forest and growl like a formidable but wise lion. Not become the first favorite concubine, but took a worthy niche among the surrounding Ahmed I numerous ladies, the main character of the historical drama "Kesem Sultan " 1 season online, gave birth to her husband thirteen children, among whom were both beautiful daughters and courageous future heirs. Once the girl had a completely different name-Anastasia and she lived happily in Greece with her family, but the young lady stolen from the house has to learn a completely different role than the daughter of a priest. The girl becomes a skilled lover, the night which for the Sultan become a real holiday and magic. And without becoming an all-powerful favorite, concubine small but confident steps tramples his way to the throne. After the death of her husband, a large mother is away from the main Palace, but she skillfully marries her daughters trained in the art of love for influential people, thereby receiving the desired support, which will soon be useful to her. In 1923, when Mustafa I was overthrown from the place of the padishah, the eleven-year-old son of Kesem Murad IV, is at the helm of the Empire, but in fact the Central power begins to fill, raised to the rank of walide, Anastasia. This led to insubordination in the provinces, local governors categorically refused to carry out orders coming from the mouth of a powerful woman . Numerous rebellions weakened the Empire and led to the capture of some territorial zones by the Persian Shah Abbas I. Only ten years later Murad gets rid of his mother's custody and becomes an extremely cruel ruler, mercilessly cracking down on unwanted people. After his death, Kesem again becomes Regent, this time his second son – Ibrahim I. Being out of his mind, the newly appeared padishah engaged in pleasures with countless concubines, spends a lot of money and even kills the boredom of defenseless women. His mother is engaged in important public Affairs until the death of a madman, was found strangled. For the third and last time, the former Greek has political weight under the rule of Ibrahim I's son, his own grandson - Mehmed IV. The baby was barely six years old when fate gave him a generous gift of succession. Constant intrigue between his mother Turhan Sultan and his grandmother, sowed many troubles on the heads of both the inhabitants of the main Palace and the entire Ottoman Empire. Turkish TV series Magnificent century Kesem Sultan 2015 all series can be downloaded on our website right now!

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